Thursday, December 27, 2012

Theft of Veteran Valor

This is the cover page to lawsuit filed Nov. 30, 2012 by a disabled Veteran who was the victim of Veterans Affairs Surgical medical malpractice in 2004, who then found all forms of justice oppressed from him and became the target in state after state for abuse upon him by corrupt use of authority and law enforcement, even when he proved in court his long owned family land had been illegally occupied for a US highway, power company utilities and more.

This same veteran proved he had been unlawfully target and that direct violence was made upon him by corrupt law enforcement who abused the patriot act and declared the veteran a public threat when he exposed and gave witness to the abuse known by state attorney, and then US attorneys, this veteran pleaded with FBI to stop the crimes and abuse back into 2006, he was refused at every step and even went to Washington D.C, himself to make report, seek justice on Jul 03, 2007 and was refused entry at FBI Washington, but successfully made the report of crime to Department of Justice, Criminal Division.

Since then this veteran has steadily been refused justice and those wanting to abuse him have been protected by corrupt use of authority, while he has been denied legal resolution in court after court, trying to push him to extremes while his character is assassinated, all in the name of protecting their criminal acts and denying any responsibility or liability for their wrongful and criminal acts.

Even now what do you hear of any of this?


Censorship is active and being performed to isolate wronged persons while they are targeted and terrorized right here in America, by Americans.

Can you help spread the word?

This Veteran needs help and has been doing all this on his own, he now faces felony charges for defending himself from a third attack by the same pit bull in his property and car.

This malicious prosecution in supposed "Stand your ground" florida is to pursue felony charge against him so all his military disability pays can be stopped and he will have no ability to find justice.

He has already been denied all VA medical care with no reason given since 2008 and when he recorded a director denying him this care for no reason, the veteran was searched, arrested and ordered to destroy the recording, he told the court who did nothing and still does nothing.

Don't let our laws and rights be made worthless and weak without a squeek, I need help.- Jim Nelson

Download the case as file, as a PDF here (about 5.5MB):
The ePub version can be downloaded here (about 12.5MB):
This case can be also be found at using the informaiton from the cover page. 11th Circuit, Middle District of Florida, Case number 3:12-CV-01308 and select: "Nelson v. United States of America et al" (see below) (Note - you need a PACER account, which you can apply for for free, however you have to wait for the username/password to come in the mail.)